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First Halloween and Christmas Sonny Angels 2012. Then Sonny Angel Decoppins

Maybe posting Sonny Angel releases for fall of this year now could be seen as a little too soon, but since we received these from Dreams, the maker of Sonny Angels, we posted them anyway. For Halloween 2012, Dream has a Mummy Sonny Angel, Pumpkin Sonny Angel, Witch Sonny Angel and the Vampire Sonny Angel. Halloween has never been cuter.

Coming after the Halloween Sonny Angels, arrives the Christmas Sonny Angel series, with Christmas Cake Sonny Angel, Tree Cape Sonny Angel, Reindeer Sonny Angel and Santa Claus Sonny Angel.

In the next couple of weeks we will also receive Sonny Angel Animal Series 4. More interesting to us, we will have little mini Sonny Angel figures about one inch high, that via a peg, fit into the audio jack a smart phone. The decoppins, as they are known, replace cell phone danglies, as smart phones have no place to loop the cell phone dangly.  In the next couple of months, we will have Totoro and other decoppins in a new section for smart phones on

As usual, we will be selling the Sonny Angels by style, rather than the blind box. If you want to know when these arrive, go to the specific Sonny Angel of interest, click on the "Notify Me" button, enter your email and you will get a reply when we enter inventory. We do not rent, sell, lend, or let anybody see our email list. Just letting you know in case you were worried.

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