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Why The Polar Bear, Rhino and Kangaroo Japanese Erasers Will Come In Only Six Colors

Iwako Japan has seemed to change the way that they are going to offer their Japanese erasers. In the past, Iwako Japan would create a new series of Japanese erasers and the first shipments would include three or four styles of the new erasers mixed together in the sixty piece master box. A few months later, we would be able to get six colors of each of the new styles. For example, the monkey Japanese erasers were part of a group called Forrest Fellows which included three colors of monkeys, two colors of unicorns and a single koala Japanese eraser. These were followed by six color versions of each of those three styles.

As we understand it, starting with the Wild Animal Series which was just released, Iwako Japan will no longer make six color versions of the polar bear, rhino and kangaroo Japanese erasers.

We are not going to make Series Sets from these new releases of Japanese erasers. Because of the assortments within the sixty piece master box, making Series Sets leaves an odd assortment of colors available as single Japanese erasers.

We have no idea why Iwako Japan made this decision. It will be interesting to see if this affects the way collectors buy Japanese erasers online at sausalitoferry.com.

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