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Japanese Eraser Bear Blast Out Of The Past

We realize that most of you are not quite as obsessed with Japanese erasers as we are. Each shipment we receive here at sausalitoferry.com is examined with intense scrutiny.

Last week when we were taking photos of Omokeshi Animals in Forrest Set 19 we saw some colors variations of the teddy bear eraser that we had not seen since we had first started carrying Japanese erasers.

In the foreground are two Iwako teddy bear Japanese erasers that we first saw in early assortments that included Iwako bunny Japanese erasers. In the rear is the current color variation of the teddy bear eraser. The color of the newer bear Japanese eraser is more yellow than the brown color of the older style.

The new older bears in the Omokeshi Animals in Forrest Set 19 are the same size as their contemporary counterparts. The original versions were slightly smaller in size that the bear Japanese erasers that are currently in production.

Recently Iwako has shown more color variation in their Japanese erasers from shipment to shipment, but we are a little puzzled by seeing these older color variations in a new Omokeshi set. We would expect an entirely new shade of colors rather than an older one. Maybe Iwako thought that the current bear Japanese erasers were too yellow in color.

The "K" on the sweater of the bear Japanese erasers  is for "kuma", which is Japanese for bear.

On sausalitoferry.com we show both of the older style bear Japanese erasers as out of stock and we do not know when we will have more stock of the individual older color bear Japanese eraser bears. The larger new old bear Japanese erasers will probably replace the smaller original bear erasers.  If you are one of the hard core Japanese eraser collectors, you can go to any Japanese eraser that is out of stock on sausalitoferry.com, hit the "Notify Me" button and a email will be sent when and if we get inventory. We do not rent, sell, lend, or otherwise any of the emails or addresses of our customers.

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