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If You Expected To See Glow In The Dark Panda Japanese Erasers in Series Three, You Would Be Mistaken

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So the Series Three Panda Japanese Erasers are going to replace Series Two Panda Japanese Erasers in June. Mostly.

Here is a panda by panda breakdown of which of these Japanese erasers made it to Series Three and those Japanese erasers who did not.

The brown panda Japanese eraser is out. History.

Pink, green, purple are slightly different shades of their counterparts in Series Two. Looks like Iwako just went to the next shade of the corresponding Pantone color. The Japanese eraser collectors love these color variations. Everybody else, just meh.

The black panda Japanese erasers, sensibly, is being continued.

Red and yellow are new colors. Got to give Iwako congrats for being a bit adventurous in color choice.

Now if we could only get them to do glow in the dark Japanese erasers....

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