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Collapsible Water Cups, Or If You Prefer, Travel Collapsible Shot Glass And Beer Mug

Before the days of ubiquitous bottled water, when you were thirsty, your options were limited pretty much to water fountains. The water fountains dotted the urban landscape like the all but now disappeared pay phones. These drinking fountains could be awfully foul and slurping from them could certainly lead to a long and agonizing death by bacterial poisoning. Hose spigots were a good alternative, but trying to drink from water rushing from a opened spigot was a wet proposition. Enter the collapsible cup.

Your cohorts would finish their drink from the spigot or hose and come away with a dripping face and splattered wet clothes. You would whip out your collapsible cup and drink like the boss you were. Nothing could be cooler.

Here at Sausalito Ferry Co, we have two sizes of travel collapsible cups. The stainless steel travel cup or shot glass stands 2 1/2 inches fully extended and accordions down to a mere 1/2 inch. Not pictured is the cap with a key chain that the travel cups slides into. And it fits into your pocket, oh so comfortably.

The larger plastic expandable cup comes in convenient pint size for those occasions when you have the spigot and no mug. Whip out your port-a-pint and snap it open with a flick of the wrist. Why waste good brew drinking directly from the tap? Cup is 5 inches tall when open and goes down to 1 1/2 inches closed.



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