Crocodile And Laying Panda Japanese Erasers Could Not Be More Relaxed

Unusual for Iwako is the way they have chosen to release two new styles of animal erasers for the second half of 2012. Usually we receive individual samples of the new Japanese erasers from Iwako. With the new crocodile and laying panda Japanese erasers, we only discovered the new erasers when we were sent a sample of Omokeshi Safari Set Number 22.

We have no word from Iwako when to expect these, but in the past, receipt of new Japanese eraser samples portends delivery to us in a few weeks.

We would wish Ty with the impending Hello Kitty Iwako erasers could be more prompt.

One other thing. We like how at ease these two new Japanese eraser animal erasers are. The crocodile seems to have no intention of making any unnecessary movement. The panda is splayed out on all fours, perhaps on a belly full of bamboo.

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