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Ever See A Snail Move In A Flash?

We can not help notice the irony of the fast and slow in these Bone Collection Snail flash drives.            
An 8GB flash drive is encased in in the silicon figure. The silicon material is tear resistant and easily wipes clean. The head of the Bone Collection Snail flash drive folds upwards for easy insertion into any USB port. No need to worry about the snail becoming impatient when connected. In snail time, file transfers would be over in a flash.

Here is the cool part. Encased in the foot of the snail, is a magnet that allows the Bone Collection Snail drive to emulate the ability of it's natural counterpart to crawl on surfaces other than horizontal. Red Shell and Blue Shell Flash Drive Snails are firmly attached to the metal rod in the picture.

Or they could double as fridge magnets.

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