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Keep Sausalito Salty

The brick and mortar know as Sausalito Ferry Co is right in the center of the town where tourists concentrate. In the three decades that we have been here, we have always maintained that if you merchandise only to those tourists, your store is not going to be all that interesting. Especially to the locals. 

There has always been local residents that want to maintain a truly small town feel of Sausalito. Those residents have made sure that the retail area that caters to the tourists is limited in size as not to spoil the local feel more than necessary.

The tourist commercial area extends a couple of blocks along the San Francisco Bay waterfront. Go beyond that south to the Golden Gate Bridge or north towards the houseboats, Sausalito has not changed all that much since the Liberty Ship building days during the Second World War.

From Alex Frankel, the Keep Sausalito Salty t shirt is just a wink and a nod to keeping Sausalito local. Alex writes about the meaning of Keep Sausalito Salty.

"Keep it salty? We noticed that the best parts of Sausalito are under threat of being waxed, polished, fixed, and otherwise tweaked. By buying the shirt you hold in your hands, you can help keep your favorite Bay Area town just the way it is. Ten percent of each sale supports a public information outreach effort to keep Sausalito citizens informed about local development issues. The original design is by Nathaniel Russell. Shirts are printed in Emeryville, Ca. Thanks for supporting our cause. And keep it salty, my friend".


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