Newly Hatched Dino Japanese Erasers, Just Hatched Chick Japanese Erasers, Peek-A-Bear Japanese Erasers, Picnic Omokeshi Set 23 and Sports Omekeshi Set 24.

So this past week we received from Iwako a whole lotta of new Japanese erasers. We are most enamored about about the Peek-a-Bear Japanese erasers, but the Just Hatched Chicks are high on the aww scale.

The new colors of the Newly Hatched Dinos will replace the colors of the first series that came in some decidedly non dinosaur colors.

Omokeshi Picnic Set 23 continues Iwako theme set series. Omokeshi Sports Set 24 contains new colors of bowling pins that of this writing are not available in the individual bowling erasers. We expect to see those new colors sometime in the future.

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