Ty Hello Kitty Erasers Made By Iwako Have Finally Arrived

Our FedEx ground delivery guy brought us the long awaited Ty Hello Kitty erasers couple days before Christmas. In the midst of the shopping chaos in our store, we disappeared into the stock room to post these erasers. We should have stayed out on the floor to help semi panicked shoppers, but we had been waiting for a year for the Ty Hello Kitty erasers. We could not wait.

The Ty Hello Kitty erasers are made by Iwako Japan, the maker of all the Japanese erasers. Stores in the US must buy them from Ty, maker of Beanie Babies and Beanie Ballz.

In Japan, Iwako is offering four colors of the the Hello Kitty erasers rather than the red and pink that Ty has. We are trying to get the Japanese versions for The Iwako Hello Kitty erasers are on ebay in a box of a hundred but the price is over $5 an eraser. A little pricey.

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