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No Matter The Color Of Your Owl, Your Life Will Definitely Get Better

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In the Very Small Happy Cats and Gods section of we have a collection of miniature hand painted porcelain figurines from Japan. Each different figures meaning is determined by it's color. A golden owl, turtle or maneki not surprisingly would bring you money or wealth. Only a half an inch tall, they could be exquisitely decorated hard candies.

 According to the legend of the Seven Gods, on New Year's Day they disembark from their sailing ship to distribute fantastical gifts to deserving people. Of course, each of the gods has a power that he lords over. We as retailers, have a special affinity to Ebisu, the god of merchants and fisherman.

Seven porcelain and ten glass manekis should cover most all your wishes from protection from evil to bringing good luck.

If Japanese Gods, owls, turtles and manekis are not the type of deity you are looking for, we have rabbits, frogs and ninjas as well.

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