If The Bone Palace Royal Guard And Samurai 8GB Flash Drive Can't Protect Your Data, Nothing Can

Flash drives common enough these days we do not give much thought to them until we need one.  Kinda like a stick of gum.

From Bone in Taiwan, we have a collection of 8GB flash drives that take a different approach to data storage. Within the British Royal Palace Guard and the fanciful Ninja, the flash drives are encased in the figure. By bending forward the head, the male section of the flash drive is revealed. When inserted in the USB port of a laptop, the Guard and Ninja look to be taking a short snooze, sitting and leaning against the side of the laptop.

The uniforms and weapons of these Bone flash drives are made of a matte finish silicon. Legs and arms are poseable so you can stand your Guard or Ninja at attention to provide security for your devices. The flash drive can be removed entirely if needed.

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