Milk And Cookies Always Go Together. Even If They Are Zip Pouches

Some parings have an everlasting status that transcends the tides of popular culture. Adam and Eve. Fish and Chips. Homer and Marge. Cookies and Milk.

From Gladly Gladee, Japan, comes a series of sweets bags and purses. The chocolate biscuit plushy soft zip bag has a double stuff filling too so as not to be outdone by Oreo double stuffed cookies. Mercifully, the Gladly Gladee One Pint Milk Carton Bag top zips open, rather than forcing the struggle to separate the gables at the top of the carton.

The milk carton bag comes in regular milk and a chocolate milk version not pictured and stand about 5 3/4 inches. The chocolate biscuit bag comes only in one version. Interior of both bags are lined with nylon.

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