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Millennium Falcon and R2D2 Fascinations Metal Model Kits

        Sausalito Ferry has some 45 different Fascinations Metal Works laser cut stainless steel model kits. They range from buildings, monuments, bridges, cars, airplanes, ships and even a fern plant for some reason. We have a pretty good relationship with the people at Fascinations up in Seattle as we sell a fair amount of their kits in Sausalito Ferry Co brick and mortar, and our store at Reddit Gifts.                                                                                                                                               We give them a call every so often to find out what new kits they have coming out. We know that they have a license with Ford to produce the Fascinations Model T Kit. That Fascinations has figured out how to color the stainless steel and the first kit they will do this way will be a gold colored Golden Gate Bridge. But the most interesting kits that they are producing, they never mentioned a word about.                                                                                                                                                        This morning we were rummaging around some of our Japanese supplier sites and lo and behold we find two Star Wars kits that are made by Fascinations for the Japan market only. The Milllennium Falcon and R2D2. We call Fascinations full of questions about the Star Wars kit. Can we get some? No, they reply. They are only for the Japanese market. When will we be able to get them? Fascinations is waiting for US approval to sell them in the US and that could be next month or six months away.                                                                                                                                                       We could get them from one of our Japan suppliers, but the cost is high and retail would be around $25 give or take. Strapya has the models in stock if you have one right now at this minute.

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