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Fascinations Metal Works Model Kits Are Macro Lens Friendly

Here at Sausalito Ferry Co brick and mortar we sell a lot of small stuff. If you have visited the store, our 25 foot long front counter is covered with hundreds, yes hundreds, of bins packed full of these small things. Just take a gander at the "One Inch Or Smaller" section of sausalitoferry.com.

When you take a close look at most of these small items, the details are not always that precise. The black paint for iris of an eye is off center and splotchy, the tail of a one inch long soft plastic shark is warped.

We will digress here. One of our pet peeves on websites is the "Click to enlarge image" and when you do, you get about the same size image that you just clicked on. When we added that feature to sausalitoferry.com, we made sure that enlarged image was much bigger than the original. The downside to the magnified image on sausalitoferry.com is that you can see the imperfections of a lot of the small toys we sell. Sometimes such things need to viewed from afar rather than close up and we know some people bounce from those pages quickly.

Then came along the model kits from Fascinations in Seattle. The sixty or so Fascinations Metal Model Kits are macro lens friendly. Each kit contains one, two, three or four sheets of laser etched and cut stainless steel sheets. The sheets are .0075 inches thick and 4.25 inches square. You snip the parts of the particular model with small wire cutters and then use tweezers, small needle nose pliers of even hemostats to bend the pieces into the needed shape. Each of the pieces attach to it's neighbor with tiny tabs that fit into corresponding slots.

The cool part about the laser milling is the intense detail that can be created on the stainless steel sheets. The image is from the Fascinations P51 Mustang metal model kit. The markings on the fuselage,"WZ Big Beautiful Doll" is hardly an inch long and is sharp as if it were printed in a glossy magazine instead. The no slip area on the wing is delicately etched as well are the rivets along the top of the canopy. These are not your dad's Revell plastic model kits, but models for the smart phone generation.

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