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Skipping Bombs and the Trench Run

We carry some 70+ different types of Fascinations Metal Model Kits. Some of these laser etched and cut metal model kits are familiar,The Golden Gate Bridge, to the not so familiar,The Sundial Bridge. Unless your are a military aircraft fanatic, the Avro Lancaster Bomber Metal Kit is another not so well know airplane. The Lancaster Bomber was the primary heavy bomber for the Royal Air Force during WW ll and perhaps completed one of the most unusual bombing missions of the war.

                 Skipping Bombs                                          Trench Run

                                  The dams that the British Air Force had targeted in the Ruhr Valley in Germany were impossible to destroy by dropping bombs directly from above. The RAF discovered they could skip a large round bomb across the lake to explode at the face of the dam. The principle is no different than skipping a stone across a pond. The raids were successful.

  In the original Star Wars movie, the Trench Run, where the rebel pilots attack the Death Star, is a direct homage to the dam attack scenes in the movie Dam Busters, which told the story of those raids on the Ruhr Valley dams. In both movies the attackers one by one try to hit their targets, flying through enemy fire, to release their bombs/proton torpedoes at at the exact moment. Just like some of the bombardiers aboard the Lancasters, Luke Skywalker depended on his own special senses to see the mission to completion. Even some of the dialog during the bombing run is the same in both movies.

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