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Sonny Angel 2014 New Years Card Figure

Those of us who retail Sonny Angels receive from from Dreams Japan, the maker of the figures, a thank you gift for selling them. The Sonny Angel 2014 New Year's Card Figure arrived in the mail sometime around New Year's, packaged somewhat precariously in a clear blister pack open for the world to see. Fortunately for us, the package never passed through the hands of any postal workers who are Sonny Angel collectors. As you can see, the card the New Year's Sonny Angel is packaged in is somewhat worse for it's trip.

The Japanese script on the lower half of the package reads as follows;

"We Thank You For Your Exceptional Patronage Last Year.

Thanks To You, Sonny Angel Welcomes It's 10th Anniversary.

Now We Humbly Request To Be Given Even More Of Your Patronage.

Year 26 Of The Heisei Period.

New Year's Day".

And thanks for all of the customers who have bought Sonny Angels from as well.

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