Find Your Inner Aloha For Ony $3.99 – Sausalito Ferry Co


Find Your Inner Aloha For Ony $3.99

Here at the brick and mortar Sausalito Ferry Co, we delight in selling pretty neat stuff that does not cost much. As downtown Sausalito is tourist destination, we are surrounded by pricey art galleries that are often found in such places. As a customer once said, the difference between the art galleries and Sausalito Ferry is that we do not charge enough for our goodies to have to call them art. There is not a lot of elbow in hand, hand on cheek thoughtful pondering going on in our store. People stop, look, smile, even laugh, pick up the toy, look at the price and often decide to get it.

The Solar Hula Girl Dancers are among are most popular things we sell. Instead of two colors, now we have them in five colors. Green, yellow, pink, purple and red. And they come with double sided sticky tape so you and attach her to the dash of your car. At $3.99 each, which is not enough to get your through the toll plaza at the Golden Gate Bridge, how could they not make anyone smile.

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