This Video Is Really Boring. Unless You Are Into Walking Dead Funko Mystery Figures.

Like Kid Robot, like Sonny Angel, the Funko Mystery Figures come blind boxed. Figures in blind boxes come in identical packages. Not knowing what figure that is about to be reveled as you open the sealed box adds a measure of excitement, until you realize you just spent for a figure you did not want. So you can keep buying until you secure the mystery figure you wanted or just give up in disgust.

We have never been fans of this lottery and we always offer the figures open stock and out of the blind boxes. Need an Angry Michonne Funko Mystery Figure Series Two, we have her available along with two other variations.

So for those of you who are fans of the Walking Dead Funko Mystery Figures we did a 360 degree spin around video of 15 of the figures of Series Two. If you are not a fan, well, the video will be kind of boring.

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