Metal Earth Star Wars X Wing Fighter Metal Model Kit

The new X Wing Metal Model Kit from Metal Earth is a continuation of the Stars Wars series of models. This kit is the only metal model of the fighter that we know of. The kit comes as two thin high polish stainless steel sheets that are laser etched and cut. Because laser etching can inscribe down to microns in size, the detailing is amazing. View into the cockpit to see Luke's helmet and just behind, the tiny R2 D2. Vents, ports and mechanicals can be clearly seen throughout the fuselage.

This kit is of medium hard difficulty because of the round engine nacelles and wing tip pods. To insure a nice round tube, roll the flat part around a the shaft of a screwdriver or similar object that matches the completed part diameter.

The competed model is 4" long, wingspan is 3 1/2" and stands 1 3/4" high.

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