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Walking Dead Series Three Funko Mystery Minis

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The Funko Mystery Mini Figs all come blind boxed. Blind boxing is a form of lottery tickets for toys. All the boxes are identical on the outside, and you do not know what is in the inside until you open it. Getting three of the same figures is frustrating. At Sausalito Ferry Co, we open up the blind boxes and make available the Funko Mystery Minis for customers to choose the character of choice.

Below is the entire collection of Series Three Walking Dead Funko Mystery Minis. The rarest figures are the Glow in the Dark Impaled Walker and Bloody Tyreese with package ratios of 1/36 and Bloody Glenn and Headless Hershel at 1/72. All the others have ratios of 1/12 and 1/24.

From the left; Hershel, Brain Exposed Walker, Glow in the Dark Impaled Walker, Impaled Walker, Bloody Daryl, Daryl, Abraham. Center back is Rick Grimes, Glenn, Bloody Glenn, Maggie, Clara Walker, Carol,  Bloody Tyreese, Tyreese and Headless Hershel. Front in center, of course, Daryl's Chopper.

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