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Japanese Erasers You Have Never Seen Before

We thought we had seen almost every kind of eraser, Japanese and otherwise, in our time that we have had Japanese Erasers on sausalitoferry.com. In our travels around Japan,  we stumbled across a line of miniature Japanese erasers. The Miniature Japanese Erasers are smaller than the familiar Iwako Japanese erasers, as these mini erasers are only about 1/2 inch tall. For their diminutive size, the detailing is superb. With over 100 different types, one can find unusual animals such as the stonefish, fugu, horseshoe crab and giant Japanese salamander Japanese erasers.

Or, if you prefer your Mini Japanese Erasers more long the cute side, you can choose fat baby fur seal erasers, a family of otter erasers, some curious llama erasers, or a group of wary capabara erasers.

And in case you were wondering, we do have a prehistoric living fossil in eraser form, the coelacanth.

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