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Funko Science Fiction Mystery Mini Group Portrait

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We managed to get a group portrait of all the Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis though we had to separate the feuding Bloody Predator and Metallic Alien Queen with Robby the Robot. Anyway, from the back, left to right, the figures, with their packaging ratios are; Alien Queen 1/24 , Clear Predator 1/36, Bloody Predator 1/24, Robby the Robot 1/12, Metallic Alien Queen 1/12, Robocop 1/12, Mars Attack Alien 1/72, Metaluna, 1/24, Predator 1/12, Jaynee Cobb 1/36, Rocketeer 1/72, Glow in the Dark Tron 1/12 , Tron 1/12, Spock Amok Time 1/12,  Captain Mal 1/24 and ET 1/12.

The Funko Mystery Minis come blind boxed, which means that all the figures come in identical boxes. Here at Sausalito Ferry Co brick and mortar, we open up those boxes and sell the figures individually. We have found that selling blind boxes is frustrating and expensive for the customer so we have done away with that lottery.The rare pieces are on only.

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  • Mandy Yuen on

    Hello, do you have rocketeer mini available?

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