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Sausalito’s Best-Kept Funko Pop Secret

Sausalito’s Best-Kept Funko Pop Secret

These days, every major star and character gets their own Funko Pop Bobble Head, and what’s not to love? The toy maker designs figurines that tickle our brain in all the right places, making for a fantastic toy to take home or give as a gift. It’s been a decade since Funko put out their first product, and the craze for these toys has exploded in recent years. And there’s something for everyone, even high-end professionals are showing off their Funko Pop collections on their desks at work!

Though there’s been some push-back saying the Funko fad is akin to the ever-popular Beanie Baby take-over, Funko Pop is for everyone from young kids to adults with a wide array of interests. From Blanche DuBois from the Golden Girls to Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, Diana, Princess of Wales to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. At the risk of using an overused phrase, Funko truly has something for everybody.  

Here in the Sausalito Ferry Co. brick and mortar, we carefully curate our Funko collection. We organize our 300+ styles of Pop by Movie, Television, Animation, Rock, Games and other collections.  We have even heard customers compare our Funko section to the neatly ordered cereal aisle of Safeway. The irony is, we will even have Funko Cereal soon.

So if you ever find yourself in Sausalito, stop by at 688 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965. Look for the curved glass store window with the 4 foot tall Tintin rocket nestled within. (No, Funko has never done a Tintin Pop).

Oh and one more thing – we have an obsessive Funko collector customer who comes in frequently. Over the years, we met his girlfriend who was not much into the Pop. She then became his wife and dutifully accompanied him on his Funko purchasing trips to Sausalito Ferry Co. Recently he came in alone and was asked where his bride was. He said that the Pop had overtaken the bedroom and she told him it was the Pop or her. The Pop is still in the bedroom.  

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