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Gollum, Lord of the Rings, Funko Pop #532 (Chase Variant)

Gollum, Lord of the Rings, Funko Pop #532 (Chase Variant)

Once the Hobbit Sméagol, Gollum was corrupted and twisted by the One Ring, which he gained by killing his cousin. Exiled for the death, Sméagol was forced to live in the Misty Mountains, where his mind degraded and he fell deeper into insanity, day after day. During one of those days, Gollum was born.

The decay of Sméagol’s mind resulted in him straying further and further from a rational state of mind, becoming something more primal. His diet reflected this, with him being forced to feed on whatever he could get his hands on, especially fish.

In Lord of the Rings, this can be best seen during one of the conversations Sméagol has with Samwise. Sam speaks of his desire for potatoes, a staple food and one which can be made and eaten in many different ways. Sméagol, fargone from a normal mindset, rejects the very concept of potatoes, instead insisting that a fresh, juicy, fish is the most delicious of things.

This rare Funko pop shows Gollum clutching his precious fish, an addition that the base Funko Pop doesn’t have. Similar to the base model, Gollum is still hunched over, the twisted scowl visible on his face.

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