Tintin and Zorrino Resin Figure From The Prisoners of the Sun

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In the Adventures of Tintin, Prisoners of the Sun, Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock led by their guide Zorriono, journey through the Andes to the Temple of the Sun.

There they are engulfed by an avalanche. Tintin, Snowy and Zorriono free themselves from the snow, but Captain Haddock is nowhere to be seen. Tintin begins calling out for Haddock, but Zorriono tells him not to shout as it might trigger another avalanche.

This figure of Tintin and Zorriono is from the panel on page 31 when Zorriono tells Tintin not to yell for his missing friend.

Figure is new and in the original box. It is missing the Moulinsart certificate of authenticity. Produced in 2006. 

24.9cm (11.6") wide, 22.6cm (8.9") tall and 15.2cm (6") deep.