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Red Omamari Japanese Eraser by Iwako

The omamori is a lucky amulet often made of cloth with prayers written on them to bring good luck to the owner for various purposes. This red omanori Japanese eraser is for good luck for passing the college enterance examinations. Passing this important test alone can determine your career path. Students devote large amounts of time preparing for these tests and it  common for students to attend a seperate private school to help prepare for the examinations(Yobikou) in addition to regular classes. It is also common for students who do not pass the first time to devote a year to the purpose of studying in preparation for next year´s test. These students are called "ronin", which mean masterless samurai.

 The front side of the red omanori reads , "Pass Examine" 

The header card, not pictured, reads on the left."Charm Eraser" and below that in the circle,"Victory!!". On the right side of the front of the header card, it reads,"After taking out the white paper decoration, please put the string through the hole."

This novelty eraser is made by Iwako.

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