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Translation of PuriPuri Drink Iwako Eraser

The PuriPuri eraser comes in a drink assortment made by Iwako.  They are packed 50 Japanese food erasers to each red display box. Besides PuriPuri, included in the assortment is the grape juice eraser, orange juice eraser, Chipmunk´s Happy Choice eraser, vegetable juice eraser and green tea eraser.
The PuriPuri eraser is the least popular in this assortment and we will sell out the other 5 erasers first, leaving a lopsided inventory. Such is the retailers lament.
The PuriPuri eraser is most likely a parody of Calpis water, a whey-based beverage. Aside the similar appearance of the real product, the eraser also plays off the milky flavor of Calpis, by stating that it´s baby´s favorite drink.

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