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Zensinsyoji Pie Eraser Pairs Available as Set

The Zensinsyoji Pie eraser pairs are available as a set. The set includes Green Lime Pie Eraser Pair, Pie with Fresh Strawberry Pair, Chocolate Chocolate Pie Pair and Pink Strawberry Pie Eraser. These food erasers will also be available individually at the Food Eraser section at sasualitoferry.com  as well.

In a master box of 40 pairs of pie erasers from Zensinsyoji, we are receiving only 4 pair of Pie with Orange Segments Erasers, so we are offering these individually.

The Pie with Chocolate Icing Eraser Pair is not being shipped from Zensinsyoji. If you really want to have this pair, you can buy the Chocolate Chocolate Eraser Pair and one of the pairs with a light colored lower half.  Then just switch the icing tops to create your own rare Chocolate Icing Eraser Pair. If your Japanese eraser collection is made up of packaged erasers, you can carefully remove the staple from the header card, put in the newly made up erasers and staple again.

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