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The Japanese Erasers We Have Forgotton About

In the September 11 post "Translation of Iwako Japanese Steamed Bun Eraser Header Card" we said that "These food erasers are the least selling of the Iwako Japanese erasers, and we believe that we have yet to sell one from the website."

Looking through our pick and pull rack where the Japanese eraser back stock is kept, we found some 65 Hot Spring Bun erasers in all 4 colors in their bin at the very bottom of the 6 feet tall racks. We definitely had inventory to ship.

So with our curiosity piqued and not quite believing that we had not sold any, we went to the food eraser section and found that the Hot Spring Bun Japanese erasers were not even posted on the site. We have rectified this oversight and grateful that our eagle eye customers have missed this glaring error as well. We hate failing our fan base.

One more item. It seems that there are 2 shades of the Brown Hot Spring bun, but the colors are so close that they are difficult to photograph. For you hard core Japanese eraser collectors, if you want the lighter or darker version, just let us know in the "Note from Customer" box when you order.


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