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Pink Helicopter Japanese Erasers!

We must complement Iwako on good design for the erasers.  The hamster series is classic. But we wonder what somebody was thinking when they made a Pink Helicopter Eraser. Did they have extra pink plastic dye left over and needed to use it up?  The Pink Helicopter Eraser, needless to say , is not one of our best sellers and there lies a story.
The Japanese erasers from Iwako and Zensinsyoji often come in assortments in the master boxes.  In those assortments usually there are really good sellers and some not so good ones. Over the course of buying inventory and then sending Japanese erasers out to the customer, we accumulate a back stock of weak sellers. Yellow Frog Erasers and Sundae in Yellow Cup are a couple such examples.

So crafty retailers try to find ways to move Yellow Frog Erasers and their like. So came into being the 31 Pink Eraser set. You can see the Pink Helicopter Eraser in the right foreground.


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