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Could You Really Erase With Cherries?

  The new Iwako Cherry Japanese eraser has proved to be a best seller from the day we received these cute erasers.

  The other day a girl was sorting through some 20 or so Japanese erasers in her shopping basket. She had $10 to spend. First she picked out the 5 different colors of the Hot Spring Bun Japanese erasers and put them in her "yes" pile. This choice struck us odd, as they are the least selling, least interesting of all the 473 Iwako and Dream Japanese erasers. 

  Then she picked out a Blue Biscuit food eraser, a Pink British Post Box Japanese eraser, Pink Hamster animal eraser, Pink Bird Japanese eraser and then finally, a Pink Panda Animal eraser.

  Left in her basket were the 4 colors of the Iwako and Dream Cherry Japanese erasers which she gazed at. I had to ask.

  "Why don´t you put back the Hot Spring Buns and get the cherries?´

 "My mom said that if I got Japanese erasers, I have to get ones that you can erase with. I love the cherries more than any others, but I don´t think she will be happy. They are too hard to hold on to.  The round ones look like real erasers".

The compromises one must make. Oh well.

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