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Japanese Erasers We Love To Ignore

  We would think a Iwako Japanese drink eraser with a baby and a heart on the label would be a good seller.  We were wrong. The Mu-Chiri drink eraser comes in a food eraser assortment that contains orange juice, grape juice Japanese erasers and cans of green tea, vegetable juice and orange drink food erasers.  All of these drink Japanese erasers sell equally well. Except for the Mu-Chiri.

  Perhaps the almost complete absense of color on this eraser is the cause. Fortunately, the romaji or Japanese written in the Western alphabet, can not be read by most kids in the U.S. Mu-Chiri translates to, "plump and tender".  The romaji under the baby, reads, "PuriPuri Drink: Baby´s favorite drinks are mom´s breast and PuriPuri drink!". We can not see this as appealing to 9 year olds.

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