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We Had No Idea At The Time.......

This is only the second Christmas shopping season for sausalitoferry.com and the site has been up for about 16 months. For the brick and mortar side of sausalitoferry.com, we have been doing the Xmas selling thing long enough to know what to expect from our flesh and blood walk in customers. The website, we are new and prone to mistakes.

Fail #1. We make guesses on how much inventory to stock in anticipation of what our web customers will buy. Boy did we guess wrong for sausalitoferry.com. We thought we had bought enough of the Dream/Zensinsyoji Top Hat Penquins with Baby Japanese animal erasers. We will be sold out shortly.

Fail #2. By sheer luck, we should have enough of the best selling individual and Japanese eraser sets for most of the Xmas selling season. We were sent a duplicate order from our supplier Iwako USA.  I will happily pay that invoice to Iwako USA.

Fail #3. We have been working on a major upgrade of site. Now the customer only needs to click once to put an item in her basket, rather than 4 clicks with the old system.  That makes it easier when the site has over 2000 available products. There are also a lot of changes in the back office which over time will make the site more interesting for customers. The fail for this is doing the change over during one of the most busy on line shopping times. We had some minor problems, but our developer pulled it off.  Too his credit, the developer wanted to know if I wanted to wait, but I made the executive decision to, "Make the change!".

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