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Variations On The Theme Of Japanese Erasers

We love that with each shipment of Japanese erasers we get color variations. With these Dream/Zensinsyoji octopus animal erasers we now offer 2 colors sets. Both Japanese eraser sets come with a red octopus eraser. We have sets that have fuchsia or pink cute octopus Japanese erasers. is full of these Japanese eraser color variations. Sometimes we have only a few of a color and we never see them again.  We leave them up on the site, rather than taking them down, as it makes an interesting archive of Iwako and Dream/Zensinsyoji erasers.                            If you are interested in an email notification when a particular Japanese toy eraser comes in stock, you can leave your email address by clicking on "Notify Me" button for that specific out of stock eraser. When the eraser becomes available, you will be automatically notified.

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