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Mulmuone Korean Tofu Eraser

These erasers come from Korea. The package pictures a hot and spicy stew that contains tofu and seafood. The stew comes in a iron bowl and is served boiling hot. With the stew, comes a raw egg, which is cracked open and poured onto the stew. The heat cooks the egg and all is eaten together. The eraser package is just like that of what real tofu is often packaged in. The word "Mulmuone" near the top of the package is a take off of the real Korean multinational food company Pulmuone. They, among other US food companies, own Wildwood Organics, a producer of tofu and many other organic foods. The rest of the Korean script reads,"Happy Bean Eraser. This is a parody of an eraser. Do not eat. Erasers well".

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