Scratch and Sketch: Jurassic & Beyond

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Scratch and sketch your way back in time millions of years, to when dinosaurs ruled the prehistoric planet! Uncover fascinating facts about the most remarkable dinosaurs that ever lived - from ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex to gigantic but gentle Brachiosaurus, from quick and clever Velociraptor to lumbering Stegosaurus, and beyond - as you trace 20 dinosaur drawings. Use the handy wooden stylus to scratch away the black coating on the pages, and see your dinosaurs come to life in rainbow swirl or glitter colors that appear in your artwork like magic!

The scratch book includes 10 black-coated gold and silver glitter pages, 10 black-coated colorful swirl pages, 20 dinosaur pages showcasing the world's coolest dinosaurs, 20 extra pages for doodling, and a wooden stylus for drawing.