Scratch and Sketch: Bugs!

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Explore the wild world of bugs! From wolf spiders on the lawn to giant millipedes in the forests of East Africa, discover the secret lives of the bugs all around us. Find out why a grasshopper is like a catapult and which dragonfly has flown to the top of Mount Everest. Check out a termite mound as tall as a house. Follow a leaf cutter ant home, and see what it does with all those leaves. Trace the spicebush swallowtail butterfly's transformation. Scratch and Sketch your way through big bug adventures!

The scratch book includes 10 black-coated gold or green glitter pages, 10 black-coated colorful swirl pages, 20 amazing bugs for you to trace, 20 extra pages for your cool bug sketches, and a wooden stylus for drawing.