Tintin Time 2008 Tonneau Watch


Produced by Moulinsart in 2008, the Tintin Time tonneau watch comes with two sets of crocodile pattern leather bands in brown and russet colors. Within the outline of Tintin, the dial contains the minute and hour hands and date at the top. The hands and the five minute marks are luminous for night time viewing. Stainless steel case and crystal watch face. 

Watches are new and unused with fresh batteries. Over all length of the watch is 26 cm (10.2") long. Case is 5.4cm (2") long, 4.4cm (1.7" wide) and is 1.2 cm (0.5") thick. Watch weighs 2.2 oz. 

Because of age, some of the interior packaging inserts have come loose from the gift box. 

Tintin Time 2008 Tonneau Watch

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