Diamond Shanghai Windup Pecking Chicken Clock

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The Diamond Pecking Chicken Clock is a classic mechanical wind up clock. The clockwork mechanism runs for about 28 hours before it needs to be rewound. Like all old-style wind up clocks, this clock tick tocks audibly and the alarm is jangly and loud. The body is all metal with glass front.
The head of the chicken pecks up and down, once every second.
The rear of the clock has two windup keys, one for the clock itself and a second one for the alarm.  The two knurled knobs either set time or the alarm. A plastic push/pull button turns on or shuts off the alarm. A tab recessed in a half circular slot allows adjustment of the speed of the clock for accuracy.
This clock is new and in original box and has been stored in our stock room for about 25 years and is in working condition. Please note that you must not overwind the clock as it will cause the main springs to break.
Clock weighs 9 ounces.  5” tall, 3.5” wide and 2.5” deep. 
Made by Diamond Clock Factory in Shanghai China probably around the 1980’s.

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