Herge Chronologie D'une Oeuvre. Tome 1 1907-1931. Philippe Goddin

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From the description on the inside jacket.

"A true paper museum, this 5-volume collection expresses the multifaceted and sometimes unprecedented talent of one of the greatest authors of the twentieth century. Hergé's abundant and multiple works had never been presented in its entirety. The chronological bias faithfully recreates what was the artist's daily life, an adventure in itself. It also makes it possible to forge links between Hergé's different productions which had never appeared until now: sources or kinship of inspiration, stylistic influences, evolution of graphic design, reflection of a work on the other, hopes and limits of the technique, convergences of themes, accidental or deliberate ruptures, emergence of a means of expression. The drawing of Hergé is primarily highlighted. Philippe Goddin's concise and enlightening commentary presents the works by drawing on biographical or documentary elements. The author did not fail to trace all the tracks, some of which were totally unexplored. He discovered little-known aspects and found unpublished or forgotten drawings, many of which are published here for the first time. This first volume covers the fundamental period of Hergé's career: that which goes from the birth of Georges Remi, in 1907, to the return of Tintin from the Congo, in 1931. At the time when this first volume of the Chronology ends of a work, Hergé is 25 years old. He knows who he is, what he wants, and what he doesn't want anymore".

In French. Editions Moulinsart 2000. 420 pages.

Book dust jacket has some wear and some minor tears. The hard book cover has some dents on the edges. 

Herge Chronologie Dune Oeuvre Tome 1 1907 1931 Philippe Goddin

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