Regal White Waving Solar Powered Maneki

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In the midst of a bitter cold and snowy winter, a down in luck Japanese merchant huddles in his bare cabin. He hears scratching on the front door, and opening it, stands a cat with the left paw raised, waving back and forth. The poor merchant takes the cat in and feeds it his remaining scraps of food. Lo and behold, the merchants luck changes and with the adopted lucky cat at his side, he becomes wealthy. We of course can not guarantee our Regal Waving Solar Mankei will bring you untold fortunes, but at the least, it might bring you good luck. Powered by a solar cell in the base, the cat needs no batteries to power the waving paw and will work just fine with normal interior lighting. 3 1/2" tall and the base has a 2 1/2" diameter. Plastic construction.