All The Sharks Gift Box Set

$ 15.99 USD

Shark Gift Box Set contains;

23" Folkmanis Oceanic Grey Shark Puppet. The hand fits nicely into the mouth to allow the puppeteer to chomp and munch.  Ages 3+

I Ate My Homework Sausalito Shark kid's T-shirt. Being a Great White Shark pup, you might have a better excuse for actually eating your own homework than the excuse human pups have. This act of poor impulse control is immortalized on this 100% garment dyed pre-shrunk kid's t-shirt. Sizes XS (2-4 years), S (4-6) years, M (6-8 years) and L (8 to 10 years). 

Great White Mini Puzzle. Normal sized puzzle pieces remove the assembly frustration for small fingers. 48 pieces and 8" x 5.75" completed dimension. 

The Adventures of Tintin. Red Rackham's Treasure. Starting where The Secret of the Unicorn left off, Tintin ventures out to find the lost treasure of Red Rackham. Accompanied by his friend Captain Haddock, Thomson and Thompson, and the... eccentric Professor Calculus, Tintin must scour the oceans for the secret treasure as he travels to uncharted islands, the farthest seas, and even the ocean floor!

Paper back book. 8.5 inches by 11.5 inches. 62 pages

The All The Sharks Gift Box Set comes packaged in a gift box. Of course.