Shut The Box 9"

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Objective. Each player tries to cover as many numbers as possible. The player that covers all the numbers with the lowest score wins.

Instructions. Each round begins by uncovering all the numbers. Each player takes a turn to throw a single die to determine who goes first. Players then throw two dice and the total sum of the dice is used to determine which numbers to cover. For example, if 9 is thrown, the player can cover numbers 6 and 3 or 5 and 4 or any combinations as long as the sum is 9. 
Once all the numbers greater than 6 have been covered, then players use only one die. When a player can no longer cover any numbers with their throw, the round is over. Add up the remaining uncovered numbers and that score belongs to that last player.

Now uncover all the numbers and only the players without a score continue. Once all the players have a score, the game ends. The player with the lowest score wins. 

Wood box is 9”X 7.75”X 1.75”.  Comes with two dice.

Family game ages old enough to add and up. 1+ players.