Tintin Leave The House Collection

$ 34.99 USD

Offered in this subtle collection are Tintin goodies that can accompany you when you leave the house. 

Set of four buttons or badges. The largest, of Tintin and Captain Haddock, measures 4cm (1.5") across and the three smaller ones are 2.5cm (1") across. Tzhol translates to customs in the fictional language of Bordurian that Herge created for The Adventures of Tintin, King Ottokars Specter and The Calculus Affair. Tzhol appears on a road sign at the border of Borduria. Pin one or all to your shirt or jacket.

Tintin with Hat Zipper Pull. Figure is 2.3cm (0.9") tall. The smooth surface of the zipper pull is perfect for fidgeting with.

Tintin Shark Submarine Keychain. Chrome finish heavy duty split ring will hold all your keys and other accoutrements that live there. Ring is easy enough to split, so adding or removing keys is not entirely frustrating. The metal pewter finish Shark Submarine is 5cm (1.8") long. Overall length of the keychain is 16cm (6.2") long.