Tintin & Les Animaux Gerard Lippert

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Each page spread features an animal, or a behavior of animals that is tied to panels and stories that Herge created for The Adventures of Tintin. Tintin & Les Animaux is an excellent way to teach the young French speaking child about the nature of animals.

From the back cover of the book. "Hergé has documented himself extensively on the animals he drew. He staged them in their environment, taking into account the behavior of each species. Based on Hergé's observations, Gérard Lippert, veterinarian and oceanologist, analyzes these behaviors and animal reactions linked to the presence of humans in the same biotope. This fascinating, educational and ecological reflection makes each animal a spokesperson for a future to be shared with man".

Book is new and unused.  By Gerard Lippert

Moulinsart. 79 pages. 2005

Tintin Les Animaux

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