Wheels Go Round and Round Gift Box Set

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The Wheels Go Round and Round Gift Box Set has four transportation goodies that will make any child with a penchant for wheels ecstatic.

Mille Bornes is a card game in which the winning player is the first to reach 1000 miles or more. In Mille Bornes, which translates to 1000 mile stones, you will have to navigate the hazards slowing you down or even stopping you, as your friends zoom by you. Packaged in a durable metal tin. 4" x 5.5".

 Baghera Red Racing Car is made of the highest quality materials that are designed to endure play. No batteries, apps, or assembly is needed. With free spinning wheels, the car is powered by only the hand, will roll effortlessly on any hard surface. 7" long.

Japanese Eraser Traffic Signs Omokeshi Set contains 4 working trucks, delivery motorcycle and traffic signs with stickers. Eraser vehicles are about 1.25" long.

The Things That Go Sticker Book is packed with fun activities and fascinating facts about all kinds of transportation. Take a ride in a speedy sports car, a steam engine, and a dump truck. More than 250 stickers of all sizes. 

All the above come packed in a white gift box.