Douglas Mini Pokie Soft Pink Sloth Plush 6"

$ 13.99

Pokie the Soft Pink Sloth plush just became even more adorable! Douglas has miniaturized this popular character and she’s so cute now, we dare you to try and resist her sweet looks! Sitting only 6” tall, Pokie will fit in the palm of your hand. Gently weighted with beans, her floppy form will slouch contentedly into your embrace, while cloud soft plush materials will make our little Sloth difficult to put down. Add to that her endearing expression with its pale gray eye patches and subtle smile and you’ve got a winning combination that will charm Sloth fans of all ages. Bring home this Mini Soft Sloth stuffed animal and she’ll bring a smile to the face of everyone she encounters!

Ages 2+

Douglas Pokie Mini Soft Pink Sloth Plush 6