2017 The Adventures of Tintin Calendar

Type: Tintin

The 2018 Tintin calendar is now available. Click here. 

The 2017 Adventures of Tintin Calendar contains examples of Herge’s pencil on paper studies that would be later finalized by him and his assistants. Here are delightful details of sketches and final versions that show Herge’s illustrative brilliance

Attacking vacuum cleaners or that almost anonymous moment in the lobby before a performance. By the seaside, each character deep in their own world, hands behind their backs or Tintin precariously hanging to a wall viewed from above. The dramatic liftoff of the moon rocket or Tintin making an entrance into an elegant throne room.

12 pages. 30 cm (11.8”) X 30 cm (11.8”). 12-month calendar, metal ring bound, shrink wrapped and is in English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

2017 The Adventures Of Tintin Calendar

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