2019 Explorers on the Moon Tintin Wall Calendar 30X30cm

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Type: Tintin

Go to the stars with this unique 2019 Tintin Calendar. Showcasing images from Explorers on the Moon, this is the perfect gift to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. 

Explorers on the Moon has always been one of the most incredible Tintin books, with arguably the most amazing scenery in the series. From the vast star filled blackness of space, to the beautifully desolate landscape of the moon, this calendar has a beautiful image for every month.

12 pages. 30 cm (11.8”) X 30 cm (11.8”). 12-month wall calendar, metal ring bound, shrink wrapped and is in English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

2019 Explorers On The Moon Tintin Wall Calendar 30x30cm

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